Did you get your Cannabis yet?





Due to extremely high demand and complications? how did they not have time to get ready and prepare for this day. This article has been talked about for day's regarding the poor service, lack of accountability, and the ineptitude of the government. Its the Midas touch but in reverse everything they touch it turns to poop. So I asked my friends who all ordered on the first day, some even at 12:01am on the first day of legalization. So how many of us got our cannabis?

0/10 Yes that's right all of my friends who ordered from the OCS have not received any orders or confirmation of payment or any updates other then below on the 25th.

Monopoly's never worked they are always inefficient, slow, and cumbersome. Why would Ontario would only have one entity for legal cannabis ? also to have it online to add another stop gate to slow the process down? I see it as a money grab to get as much out of Canadians before the retail operations are up and going in Apr.

People are frustrated and the loss of good will be damaging to the OCS but they don't care because that's how monopoly's work we have no choice and have to sit and take it, at least until Apr 1st then the retail stores open up. I can tell you at least my group of weed friends will never shop online at the OCS again.

Leave it up to the government to waste an opportunity of a lifetime and screw up drug dealing! something a high school drug dealer would have worked out and thrived at.

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