Possible Cannabis Effects by NSDUH




Cannabis is among the most abused drugs in USA. It is composed of the dried leaves of the hemp plant. It is generally smoked or chewed for the euphoric outcomes. Now-a days, many individuals are getting addicted to Cannabis. Based on 2008 report by NSDUH, 15.2 million individuals were using Cannabis in USA. It translates into 6.1% of the entire population aged 12 years and over. There are various adverse effects of Cannabis on health. It's significant to create consciousness among the individuals who're Getting hooked on Cannabis without the proper knowledge of its harmful effects. It's numerous short term and long term effects.

Short-term outcomes: There. They're effects Cannabis has affects on wellness. Using Cannabis has several short term effects such as increased heart rate and decreased blood pressure level, dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, increase from intra ocular pressure, cold or wet hands and legs, muscle relaxation etc. Psychoactive effects Cannabis affects the brain, mood in addition to other mental processes. The psychoactive effects of Cannabis can differ from one person to the other. The primary side effects of Cannabis are euphoria, increased imagination, sensation, sensations and sexual libido, short-term loss of memory, nervousness, agitation, paranoia, nostalgia, trouble in studying and thinking, reduction of co ordination etc.

Side outcomes Cannabis has many harmful affects on nerve system. Cannabis impacts Cannabinoid receptors in the brain that are connected with reflexes, motor abilities and attention. Cannabinoids inhibit the release of neurotransmitters from the hippocampus such as acetylcholine, norepinephrine, and glutamate. This causes decrease in cerebral activity in that area. This ultimately blocks process connected with memory formation. Cannabis intake results in a nutshell term loss of memory along with other mental disorders. Long term effects: Cannabis causes many wellness risks that people suffer for lifetime. The long term impacts of Cannabis abuse are: Cannabis increases the heart rate by 50 percent depending upon the THC level.

There may Be chest pain after the ingestion of Cannabis, due to poor supply of blood to the heart due to decrease from blood pressure level. This might result in myocardial infarction. There are reports of death in several cases because of the intake of Cannabis for the very first time. Effects on lungs Cannabis smoke contains large Number of carcinogenic hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke. Cannabis users hold the smoke from their lungs for longer time that irritates the lungs. The carcinogenic hydrocarbons present from Cannabis increase the potential risk of cancer. Cannabis causes cough, acute chest diseases, lung infections, emphysema, obstructed airways, cancer etc. Effects on cerebral cannabis has harmful effects on brain. Cannabinoid receptors in the brain, that influence ideas, concentration, memory, enjoyment, detectors, coordinated motion, time perception that are altered by Cannabis abuse.

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