Thailand Revises Narcotics Law to Allow the Sale of Medical Marijuana

Khao Sod reports on Thailand’s government changes on the narcotics law that will allow the sale of marijuana with a doctor’s prescription to be sold over the counter. The revision of the drug law follows the Justice Minister’s declaration last year of the failure on “the war on drugs”. Thailand now follows other developed nations on the decriminalization and implementation of more common sense regulations.

The policy is currently awaiting approval from the Cabinet, where once passed will be voted on by Junta-appointed Parliament for the final say. The Narcotics Board Control Director has inputted that from interviews with various health and law agencies that there is little opposition and predicts the same responses from law makers.

Watch ThaiLawForum’s interview with dermatologist Dr. Somyot Kittimunkong for more information on medical marijuana in Thailand:

The law, however, will not include the cultivation of the plant at home or recreational use. Doctors in Thailand still fear that the legalization of marijuana for recreational use may fall into the hands of children, damaging their developing brains. The director mentions, that although the law won’t extend that far, he didn’t rule out a future possibility based on debates.

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